Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two Vehicle Accidents and a Log Truck Fire Within Days

Log Truck Fire

There have been two accidents and a log truck fire within the past several days in the City of Warren.  The first occurred Saturday March 15th near the intersection of W. Central and Wright Streets.  Involved in the one car accident was Linda Foster and a passenger, Stella Mctyer.  Several tickets were issued including a DWI.  The driver refused to take a breath test.  There appeared to be no serious injuries.

Another accident happened near S. Martin and York Streets.  A log truck driven by George Hall and a pickup truck driven by Perry Dyer collided.  Mr. Dyer was pulling onto S. Martin from York.  While there appeared to be no serious injuries there was a good amount of damage to the vehicles.  At this time no tickets have been issued according to personnel of the Warren Police Department.

Early Wednesday morning authorities responded to a log truck fire at 915 North Martin Street.  The truck belongs to Richardson Loggings.  No one was hurt but the truck sustained a lot of damage.

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