Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bradley County Extension Council Event

Monday March 16th the Bradley County Extension Council held their annual meeting to report on 2014 activities and make plans for 2015.  The dinner meeting was held at the Warren Senior Center located on N. Etheridge Street.  A wonderful meal was provided by the Bradley County Extension Homemakers.  The members of the Extension Council are the following:
Harry McCaskill, Chairman, Luther Dangerfield, Joel Tolefree, David Forrest, Irma Baldwin, Agnelia Lamb, Diane Fowler, Sonia Davis, Monty Balentine, Judy Simmons, Wanda Carr, Paul Cooper, Diana Jacobo and Judge Keith Neely.

Judge Neely gave the welcome and reports were provided by the various committees with their recommendations for activities to be carried out in 2015.  Luther Dangerfield reported for the Agriculture committee,  Tommy Burrow for the Economic & Community Development committee, Judy Simmons for the Family & Consumer Sciences/EHC committee and Ken Simmons for the 4-H/Youth Development committee.  After the committee reports were covered John Gavin,  County Extension Agent-Staff Chairman and Michelle Carter, County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences, each made presentations on programs carried out during 2014.

Michelle Carter informed those present that Judy Simmons has been selected as a Director of the Ouachita District which is a great honor for the Bradley County Council. Mrs. Simmons is active in all extension projects and activities.

In attendance in addition to the council were members of the Bradley County Quorum Court.

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