Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Warren Superintendent Speaks to Lions Club

Warren School District Superintendent Marilyn Johnson was guest speaker for the May 27th Warren Lions Club meeting.  She talked about her history in public education and the need to make changes in the way students are taught and graded.

Mrs. Johnson stated she has worked in education for 34 years and at the end of June will be leaving the position of superintendent of the Warren District.  Her remarks covered the changes Warren is making in moving to a charter system in which each student will learn at their own pace with requirements to meet specific standards.  She indicated that change is not always easy but that the teachers and administrators within the Warren District are working hard and she believes the results will be positive.  She indicated that the new concept will experience a few bumps but the students will ultimately benefit.

The superintendent responded to the grades that have been issued by the state for all state schools and stated the grading is not indicative of the progress being made in some cases.  In Warren's case some of the results were skewed by one particular grade of children not testing well.  Other data indicates that all the Warren Schools are making progress. She stated more work is yet to be accomplished but she believes Warren is on the right track.

Mrs. Johnson thanked the Club for allowing her to speak and said she will always be pulling for the orange and black (Lumberjacks).

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