Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Assess Your Personal Property Tax Online

Bradley County residents will now have the ability to assess their personal property information from the convenience of their own homes via the internet.  Bradley County Assessor Krystle Hays has announced that the new system will allow residents of the county to access their records by inputting thei last name and house number and then renew their assessments.  Special changes, such as adding new property to the county records must still be done in person at the courthouse at this time.  The system can even send county residents a reminder email to alert them to renew their assessment if the choose the option in this service.  The new system will speed up processing within the office, saving time and cost.  The website will even auto-detect if a resident is logging in from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other device and automatically format that screen  and controls accordingly, giving Bradley County residents the added convenience of assessing their property from anywhere.  "We are very excited about delivering this new service to our taxpayers,"  says Hays.  "We feel that anything we can do to automate the office and give our county residents more options and more convenience is progress."

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