Friday, June 26, 2015

Bradley County Hospital Hosts MASH Program

For the week of June 22- June 26 Bradley County Medical Center hosted eleven high school students for the MASH program.  The program is an educational experience aimed at giving young people some first hand knowledge and experience in the field of medical care.  It encourages students to pursue a career in medicine and patience care.  MASH stands for "Medical Applications of Science for Health."

Taking part in this years program were the following students:
Anna Bennett-Warren
Jesus DeLaCruz-Hermitage
Katlin Taylor-Woodlawn
Katelynn Dunaway-Warren
Ali Hollingsworth-Hermitage
Lora Koonce-Rison
Allie Reep-Hermitage
Hannah Watt-Warren
Kaitlyn Green-Warren
Kelsey Parker-Warren
Pamela Farmer-Warren
The students were taught and mentored by staff of Bradley County medical Center including the nurses and pharmacy department.
Marty Reep, representing Armstrong, presented a check to help support the program.

A host of individuals and businesses helped sponsor the weeks activities by providing money, materials and assistance.  The students and the hospital thank the following:
Air Evac Lifeteam, Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency, Arkansas State Police, Armstrong Wood Products, Inc., B & B Solutions, BCMC Auxiliary, BCMC Employee Council, BCMC MASH Committee, BCMC Physicians & staff, Bradley County Health Coalition, Dr. Gary Harrington, Dr. Michelle Weaver, Emergency Ambulance Services, Inc., Frazer's Funeral Home, John B. Frazer, Johnny's Radiator, Joyce Lephiew, Legacy Rehab, Potlatch, Pysch Consultation Services-Dr. Althea Conley, Radiology Associates,PA,, Smalling Eye Clinic-Dr. Robert Smalling, The Eagle Democrat, UAMS Center for Distance Health, Union Bank and Trust Company, Valley Foods, Inc., Walgreens, Walmart, Warren Animal Clinic and Warren Rotary Club.

The students maintained a busy schedule touring the hospital, job shadowing and receiving instruction in all manner of hospital procedures and treatment activities.  In addition to being in the hospital the students traveled to the Brunson Center, Smalling Eye Clinic and Warren Animal Clinic.  They learned about suturing, casting, radiology, intubation and OB work.  The program ran from 8:30 to 4:30 each day.

Each student expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to participate in the program and said they learned a lot and had their eyes opened relating to the field of medicine and medical care. 

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