Monday, June 8, 2015

City Council Meets

The Warren City Council met Monday, June 8 for the regular monthly session.  After approving the minutes and the financial report, Mayor Bryan Martin introduced summer workers to the council:  Jason Mathews, Brent Strickland, and LaFoy Smith.

Donna Lawhon presented the BCEDC report to the council.

Mayor Martin reviewed two findings from the 2013 Legislative Audit and informed the council of the steps to resolve the issues.  Cities are no longer allowed to have city employees do contract work unless it is specifically approved by the city council.  City employees may not be paid contract rate.

The department heads presented their reports.  Mayor Martin informed the aldermen that Chief Howard Edwards had had been out all night Sunday night with a house fire and was not present for the meeting.

Chairman Jimmy Moseley asked the members of the Sanitation Committee (Burk and Henderson) to bring on property each to the next meeting that warrants condemnation.  He stated that he would like to see three properties a month brought before the council in an effort to progress with cleanup.

There was some discussion on the street paving list for this year.

Mayor Martin noted that the City Swimming Pool will open Thursday.  He said there had been a delay due to the Health Department inspection delay.

The mayor also informed the council that a gas leak had been discovered at the Cultural Center and that the gas has been turned off until it can be repaired.  The only thing this will affect is hot water.

The council voted to donate $200 to purchase 20 fans for the Area Agency on Aging Fan Drive.

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