Monday, June 22, 2015

Cutest Baby Contest Winners Announced

0-5 Month Girls
1st Runner Up: Ellisyn Blace Vickers
               Parents: Lucas and Lindsey Vickers
2nd Runner Up: Caroline Adele Gonzalez
               Parents: Hugo Gonzalez and Bridget Bryant
Winner: Landry Eliza Gorman
               Parents: Brandon and Stacey Gorman

0-5 Months Boys
Winner: Joey Kade Giandelone III
               Parents: Joey and Ashley Giandelone
1st Runner Up: Mason Blaze Billings
               Parents: Justin and Rhea Billings
 2nd Runner Up: John-Austin Wayne Reep
               Parents: Dana and Cody Reep

5 Months 1 Day-9 Months Girls
Winner: Baylor Patterson
               Parents: Ashley and Devin Patterson
1st Runner Up: Presley Ryan Mashburn
               Parents: James and Madison Mashburn
2nd Runner Up: Paisley Elizabeth Slaughter
               Parents: Kelli and Jeff Slaughter

5 Months 1 Day-9 Months Boys
Winner: Zayland Avery
              Parents: Willie and Alicia Avery
1st Runner Up: Bryan Baggett Jr.
              Parents: Shane and Sarah Baggett
2nd Runner Up: Maverick Tate Hargis

              Parents: Taylor Hargis

9 Months 1 Day-12 Months Girls
Winner: Meelah Faith Robinson
               Parents: Drew and Britni Robinson
1st Runner Up: Laila Drew Lawrence
               Parents: Dexter and Nealee Lawrence
2nd Runner Up: Abree Green
               Parents: Megan Danley and Desmond Green

9 Months 1 Day- 12 Months Boys
Winner: Rylan Tittle
               Parents: Josh and Heather Tittle
1st Runner Up: Kaysen Bryant Harrod
               Parents: Nathan and Jodi Harrod
2nd runner Up: Callen Lucky
               Parents: Carl and Ashley Lucky (NOT PICTURED)

12 Months 1 Day-2 Years Girls            
1st Runner Up: Jacelyn Symone Dodds
               Parents: Christopher and LaKeisha Dodds
2nd Runner Up: Lauren Cruce
               Parents: Brandon and Ashley Cruce
Winner: Lynlea Jo Temple
               Parents: Phillip Temple and Danielle Price

12 Month 1 Day-2 Years Boys
2nd Runner Up: Jayce Eil McCoy
               Parents: Dangelo McCoy and Jamia Thomas
1st Runner Up: Harrison Jax Yeatman
               Parents: Harry and Julianna Yeatman
Winner: Jenson Harrod
               Parents: Brad and Melissa Harrod

2 Years 1 Day- 3 Years Girls
2nd Runner Up: Adalynn Skye Huddleston
               Parents: Shaun and Shana Henderson
1st Runner Up: Aycelynn James
               Parents: Emily Henry
Winner: Maya Ella Reep
               Parents: Jason and Sahra Reep

2 Years 1 Day- 3 Years Boy
Winner: Trapper Mack Groves
               Parents: Jeremy and Emily Groves

3 Years 1 Day-4 Years Girls
1st Runner Up: Madison Washington
               Parents: Kimberly Rochell
2nd Runner Up: Lyndi Marie Wilkerson
               Parents: Jonathan and Kaci Wilkerson
Winner: Eva Claire Slaughter
               Parents: Ryan and Stephanie Slaughter

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