Monday, June 1, 2015

SEACBEC Hosts Advisory Committees

EAST facilitator Janet Harton and one of her students shared with the advisory committee during the SEACBEC Advisory Committee Meetings.
A large group of business people, local officials, educators, interested parties and staff gathered June 1st at Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center to enjoy a meal and hear updates on the status of the various educational programs offered by the Center.  The advisory committees meet with their respective classes and were briefed on the past year and offered suggestions for the future.

Pictured is EAST facilitator Janet Harton and EAST student Brenisha Boswell.  Mrs. Harton talked about how the program works and how the students learn to work on and solve community problems.  Mayor Bryan Martin discussed city projects that EAST is helping to carry out and Donna Lawhon, Executive Director of the Bradley Economic Development Commission talked aboutways the students are working to help recruit jobs to the area.  Several attendees mentioned ways the program has helped in the past and provided suggestions for the future.  John Little with the Bradley County Veterans organization reviewed how EAST students have assisted with the museum and Beverly Reep, a high school teacher and associate of Raptor Productions went over the role several of the students played in the production of the movie "Captain" that has been made in Warren.

SEACBEC advisory committees meet with each class taught through the school.  The committees are utilized to help give direction to the type subjects that need to be taught and the best methods to be used in teaching the students.

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