Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Fire Calls June 26th

Often times it seems emergency calls come in bunches, and on June 26th the Warren Fire Department responded to two separate calls just hours apart.  In both cases no one was hurt and there was no serious damage.

At 7:17 P.M. the department was dispatched to 1100 South Martin Street to a mobile home park.  The call was to lot #26 and while it reported as a fire, it turned out to be a natural gas leak.  Eleven firemen and one city fire engine answered the call.  They secured the area and called Centerpoint Entergy who responded and made repairs.

Later that night at 11:47 P.M. the department was called to the Armstrong Plant located in the Industrial Park due to a sawdust bin fire.  The Warren Fire Department had 12 firemen and three fire engines on site.  Bradley County Rural assisted with five fireman and one engine.  In addition the ambulance service responded in case of any accident and the Warren Street Department sent equipment to help move materials within the bin.  There was no serious damage and the mill continued to operate.

Fire Chief Howard Edwards informed SRC that five Warren Firemen attended the recent State Fire Convention held June 25-28 in Hot Springs.  They received training and education relating to fire fighting techniques and fire prevention.  The Warren City Council approved the firemen's attendance at the convention. 

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