Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Warren Aviation Commission Meets

The Warren Aviation Commission meet in the Municipal Courtroom Thursday evening May 28th.  Dr. Joe H. Wharton as Chairman presided.  All Commissioners were in attendance consisting of Curtis Blankinship, Jr., H. Murray Claycomb, Raymond Colen,  John B. Frazer, Jr. and Dr. Wharton.  Mayor Bryan Martin was also present.

There was discussion about the possibility of purchasing additional land for the airport using grant funds.  Members also talked about potential relocation of aircraft hangers and possible improvements to the runway, taxi area and parking apron.  The city is eligible for federal and state grants to continue to upgrade and improve the airport.  No final action was taken.

Two aircraft owners were present to talk about the need to address drainage issues on the runway and in the hanger areas.  Mayor Martin stated that he would look at the areas of concern with the city engineer and try to make improvements.  The commission will continue to consider the airport master plan.

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