Monday, June 29, 2015

Warren School Board Meets in Executive Session for Transfers, Hires, and Resignations

The Warren School Board met Monday, June 29, at 6:00 p.m. in the administrative office for the purpose of approving transfers, hiring, and accepting resignations.  After executive session, the board approved the following:


Mickie Starke transfer from WMS 8th grade English to Brunson 4th grade

Karen Ferguson from 6th grade Reading instructor to 6th grade Social Studies instructor

Involuntary Transfers:

Bryan Cornish from WMS Principal to WHS Principal

Kathy Cornish from EANVCS Assistant Principal to WMS Principal

Licensed Personnel Hires:

Justin Beth Woodard WHS Cheerleaders Sponsor

Justin Beth Woodard WMS Assistant Cheerleader Sponsor

Lauren Wilson WHS English Instructor

Joy Holley Special Education High School

Maribeth Hicks SEACBEC Business Instructor

Selena McCain Brunson English Instructor 5th Grade

Courtney Ferrell WHS English Instructor 9th grade

Amanda Pipes WMS English Instructor 8th grade

Ronda Lee Best KG Position ESNVCS

Classified Personnel Hires:

Catrina Tatum Federal Coordinator Secretary

Janice Sloan WMS Special Education Para Professional

Tiffany Hines Parapro 9 month contract NSLA Funds SEACBEC (ABC)

Accepted Resignations of Licensed Personnel:

Gary Jackson WHS Principal

Joy Jackson Brunson Literacy Instructor

SFC Robert A. Clements JROTC Instructor

Jeanette Wright Hooper 4th Grade Literacy Brunson

Melinda Anders Social Studies Instructor WMS

Rosalynda Ellis English Instructor WMS/WHS/Assistant WMC Cheerleading Sponsor

Daniel Gallegos ESNVCS 3rd Grade

Felecia Doster Dean of Students SEACBEC

Zack Wuichet Softball/Baseball Coach, Lit Lab

Christy Cathey Special Education at Brunson

Resignations Non Licensed:

Kashif Kincaid Computer Technician

Emily Wuichet Para Pro ESNVCS

Maribeth Hicks Federal Programs Coordinator/Bookkeeper

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