Monday, June 1, 2015

Warren School District Hosts End of Year Celebration

The Warren School District hosted an End-of-Year Celebration for all staff Thursday, May 28, in the Family Life Center of Immanuel Baptist Church.  During the celebration a number of awards were made.

Greg Morman of Warren Bank and Trust Company present the Warren Bank and Trust Teacher Excellence Grant to Leslie Young.
Leslie Young accepts Warren Bank and Trust Teacher Excellence Grant from Warren Bank and Trust representative and Warren School District Board member Greg Morman.

Charla Morgan presente Denise Lambert with the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Superintendent Marilyn Johnson presented service awards as follows:

Five years:  Emily Harton, Laura McKinney, Angie Ferrell, Kathy Smith, Hollis Miller, Raymond Culp, Gerald Barnett, Lois Hedger, Leslie Young, Joy Jackson, Krista Ledbetter, and Laura West

Ten years:  Angela Barnes, Bryan Cornish, Carolyn Larance, Cheryl Moring, Christi Pennington, Elizabeth McKinney, Kim Burnett, Mandie Huitt, Paula Church, Samuel Brown, Tracy Panicola, Valeria Ridgell

Fifteen years:  Tommy Howsen, Barbara Tolefree, Mandie West, Sandra Hatley, Kristi Cooper, Amanda West, and Wanda Rhodes

20 years:  Denise Cuthbertson, Jimmy Sawyer, Colleen Jones, Janiece Lawrence, Glenda Alexander, and Tina McKinney

25 years:  Judy Moring, Debbie Hargrave, Gladys Young

30 years:  Terri Callaway, Pam Brown, and Ruth Clary

35 years:  Don Whittemore, Thomas Arnold

Retired were honored as follows:

Phyllis Stedman 40 years total in education
Linda Thompson 19 years in Warren District
Barbara Arnold, 33 years in Warren District
Thomas Arnold, 35 years in Warren District
Glenetta burks, 54 years total in education
Julia Foster, 22 years in Warren District
Gladys Young, 35 years in Warren District
Judy Shipp, 10 years in Warren District
Ladonna Mathur, 13 years in Warren District
Louis Gene Tate, 12 years in Warren District

Evelyn Thompson presented the Classified Employee of the Year to Freddie Coleman.

Left to Right:  Randy Rawls of Union Bank, Gwen Sledge-Middle School Educator of the Year, Jennifer Rogers - Gray/Weiss-Union Bank Educator of the Year, LaDonna Marsh-Eastside New Vision  Educator of the Year, Kasey Reep-SEACBEC Educator of the Year, and Tricia Wilkerson of Union Bank. Not Pictured:  Skye Clanton-Brunson New Vision Educator of the Year

Randy Rawls and Tricia Wilkerson of Union Bank and 2014 Grey-Weiss-Union Bank Master Educator of the Year Tracy Panicola presented the following building awards:

Eastside Educator of the Year:  LaDonna Marsh
Brunon Educator of the Year: Skye Clanton
Warren Middle School Educator of the Year: Gwen Sledge
SEACBEC Educator of the Year:  Kasey Reep

Gray/Weiss-Union Bank Master Educator of the Year to High School Math Instructor Jennifer Rogers.

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