Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Insurance Enrollment Event Held

Alicia Outlaw of the Bradley County Hometown Health
Coalition assists with the enrollment event.
We had a total of 14 people who came to the Insurance Enrollment Event at SEACBEC on 1/25/16.
12 Enrolled and 2 came to f/u  from a previous enrollment.

The Navigators at the enrollment event stressed that it is not too late to enroll!
The Marketplace is still available until January 31.

Private Option enrollment is available all year.

You can go to the following sites online if you need assistance in enrolling or want to enroll online: www.arnavigators.org, Arkansas Navigator Coalition, Partners for Inclusive,
Communities or Health Insurance Marketplace.

A Navigator with Arkansas Navigator Coalition is available in Warren on Thursdays and Monticello on Wednesdays.  Her name is Jennifer Lawrence @ 501-218-4253.  She will let you know where she will be if you need to ask her a question or enroll in Insurance.

Other Hispanic speaking Navigators with Arkansas Navigator Coalition that not in this area but are willing to answer questions or help assist in enrollment are Arturo Bastidas @ 501-516-3656 or Victoria Motta @ 501-231-2552.

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