Monday, February 8, 2016

Arrest Report: February 8, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Grace Edwards, 1818 W. Pine St., Warren, AR., age 55, charged with disorderly conduct (2-1-16)

Charles Vaughn, 432 W. Blocker St., Eldorado, AR., age 25, arrested on warrant from Bradley County and warrant from Sherwood (2-1-16)

Angie Herring, 802 North Martin, Warren, AR., age 31, charged with shoplifting (2-1-16)

Darren Patton, 601 N. Chestnut, Warren, AR., age 29, charged with criminal trespassing (2-2-16)

Benjamin Ty Oliver, 1580 Calhoun 56, Hampton, AR., age 22, charged with breaking and entering and theft of property (2-4-16)

Blake W. Ernest, 804 S. 2nd St., Hampton, AR., age 24, charged with breaking and entering and theft of property (2-4-16)

Brandon Harris, 1026 Pierson St., Warren, AR., age 28, charged with DWI, refusal, speeding, driving on suspended license (2-5-16)

Christopher Bowie, 112 West Church St., Warren, AR., arrested on warrant for terroristic threatening (2-6-16)

Ontario Moseley, 511 Boyd St., Warren, AR., age 24, arrested on warrant for aggravated assault and endangering a minor (2-6-16)

Roosevelt Blueford, 814 Watson St., Warren, AR., age 47, court (2-7-16)

Joshua C. Grice, 701 Clio St., Warren, AR., age 36, charged with domestic battery 3rd (2-8-16)

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