Monday, February 1, 2016

Bradley County Medical Board Meets

The Board of the Bradley County Medical Center meet for the January, 2016 regular board meeting January 28th in the conference room of the hospital.  Chairman Freddie Mobley presided.  A number of monthly and annual reports were presented by staff and Administrator Rex Jones.

Brandon Gorman reported on the financials of the hospital, the home health program and the hospital sales tax account.  He told the members that the financial trends are good, bad debts are up, and use of the hospital for x-rays, surgeries and physical therapy have increased.  He stated there is $3.25 million available in the sales tax fund.

On a motion by Dr. Joe Wharton, the board approved seventeen reappointments or appointment to the staff of the hospital.  These are doctors, nurses and other professionals allowed to practice at BCMC.  Paul Loop, M.D., Psychiatry, was moved to inactive status and Dr. Michelle Weaver gave up obstetrical admitting and delivering privileges.

CNO Tiffany Holland talked about the need of more nursing instructors in order to train more nurses and plans for another MASH camp in 2016.  She indicated South Arkansas College, that provides instruction at the Brunson Complex, desires to expand.  Ms. Holland also stated that OMP, a local poultry company would like to use the facility to conduct leadership training.

Hospital Administrator Rex Jones told the board that the Home Health Care program is doing outstanding and that customer satisfaction is very high.  He also briefed the board on the matter of trying to acquire additional property on the west side of the hospital and efforts to bring surgeons in to provide services.  Later in the meeting, the board took up the property issue of buying the land to the west of the hospital and voted to authorize the Administrator to negotiate and purchase the site.

The board voted to approve the "Quality Improvement Plan" for 2016, the "Accidental Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids" plan and the "Annual Safety Committee" report.  After being provided detailed information relating to the Emergency Room status, the board voted to enter a new contract with a new firm to provide ER services for the hospital.  The contract should save some money and improve operations and patient service.

There was considerable discussion among the board about future construction plans and fees being paid the architect for work performed.  The board voted to pay a current bill of $113,000.00 to the consultant for work performed.   A final construction plan should be ready by February for the board's consideration.

After conducting an executive session, the board voted to enter a contract with Dr. Biggers to provide an educational subsidy during his residency.  The contract will cover both living expenses and medical school cost.  At the end of the 18 month contract the hospital hopes to enter another contract to locate the doctor to Warren to practice.  Should the second contract not occur, the hospital would be repaid the funds expended.

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