Monday, February 1, 2016

City of Warren Salaries for 2016

The Warren City Council adopted the city's 2016 budget during December of 2015.  Included in the budget are the salaries to be paid in 2016.  The salaries are budgeted by the categories of :  law enforcement, fire department, sanitation, building codes, district court, municipal building, recreation, cultural center, and administrative, which includes elected officials.  Following are the salaries as set by position for the calendar year 2016:
Mayor-$42,177.00, elected
City Clerk-$35,000.00, elected
City Treasurer-$11,565.72,  a part time job, elected
City Attorney-$17,390.76, a part time position, is allowed to practice law independently, elected or appointed
District Judge-$27,791.16, a part time position, is allowed to practice law  independently, elected
Alderman-$3,000.00 per year, there are six aldermen, elected by ward
District Court Clerk-$23,361.84, reports to District Judge
Deputy Court Clerk-$18,845.28
Deputy City Clerk-$24,095.28, reports to City Clerk
Executive Assistant to Mayor-$24,095.28
Veterans Officer-$600.00, city pays a portion
All District Court cost are shared by the city of Warren and Bradley County

Chief of Police-$44,778.36
Police Lieutenant-$32,197, 56 (now serving as interim police chief)
Police CID Sergeant ( investigator )-$31,397.88
Police CID Sergeant (patrolman )-$28,842.12
Police Corporal-$27,577.20
Police Patrolman (certified)-$26,103.84
Police Patrolman (non-certified)-$24,862.08
Animal Control-$21,082.20, part of the police department
Dispatcher-$20,526.24  there are several dispatchers
Police custodian-$18,845.28
police officers receive a uniform allowance, holiday and hazardous duty pay extra.

Fire Chief-$34,269.48
Fireman-$24,095.28   there are three fulltime firemen, they work 24 hours on and get 48 hours off
Firemen get  a uniform allowance and holiday pay as well as hazardous pay extra.

Sanitation/Building Official-$32,798.12
Recycling Coordinator-$24,643.56
Truck Driver-from $22,634.28 to $27,016.80
Thrower-$17,913.48 to $18,845.28

Park/Rec Director-$30,667.92
Shooting Range Manager-$26,103.84

Street Foreman-$40,729.08
Equipment Operator-$20,712.60
P/T Equipment Operator-$18,845.28

Other information:  All jobs have job descriptions and minimal requirements.  Overtime is paid in accordance to federal law.  Hazardous pay is based on years of service.   All department heads report to the Mayor.  Salaries and number of employees are subject to City Council approval.  All employees received a 2% raise over 2015 except for the aldermen.

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