Monday, February 8, 2016

New Generator Bid Let by City Council

The Warren City Council held its February regular meeting Monday night, Feb. 8.  with all members present.  After approving minutes and reports presented by the City Clerk, Alderman Joel Tolefree presented two former and two present Warren School District students:  Carlos Yepes, Weston Gavin, Calise Lewis, and his sister Donna, currently a resident of Little Rock.  Each one spoke about their experiences in the Warren Schools.  Mr. Tolefree encouraged community support for the schools.

The council reviewed the police report as presented by Interim Chief Shaun Hildreth and the fire report presented by Chief Howard Edwards.

Mr. Hildreth told the council that they lost another police officer and now have four vacancies.  He indicated that they have several viable candidates for the jobs.

Alderman Fufa Fullerton brought one item of business before the council for a vote on the acceptance of a bid from Power House Electric out of Forrest City for the amount of $61,953.00.  The bid covered the generator which will be used for the Emergency Services Center, a transfer switch, and installation.  Mayor Martin informed the council that the old generator would be moved to the Old Armory Building owned by the city.  This would give the city another emergency center if needed. The bid was unanimously approved.

The council accepted the resignation of Bob Milton from the Civil Service Commission.  Mr. Milton resigned due to his new position as City Treasurer.

There was much discussion about a condemnation letter sent to the owner of 704 N. Martin concerning vehicles on the property that are not in running condition and are not currently meeting code to be located in a building.  It was noted that the owner had the vehicles inside a blind fence area.  The issue was referred to a subcommittee for further review.

The aldermen passed a resolution to borrow $60,000 to be paid over a 3-year period for the generator and switch system.

Councilmen indicated they have been receiving calls from citizens about the water quality in Warren since the Flint, Michigan situation.  Mayor Martin said that he had been in contact with Steve Rand, Water Department and Warren's water is in excellent condition.  The most recent report was from August 7, 2015.  It is available upon request from the water department.  Mayor Martin told the council that he would look into having it published.

Alderman Tolefree thanked Mayor Martin for his work to give citizens relief from the train whistle in the midnight hours.

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