Monday, February 22, 2016

Re-NEW-ing Edinburg

Twenty-one people attended the Re-NEW-ing Edinburg meeting held February 16.  The following are the minutes of that meeting.

Roger McClellan opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.  He introduced David King as a visitor and David spoke briefly regarding his property in Cleveland County and his interest in New Edinburg.  The minutes of the previous meeting were emailed to members and several copies passed around to the group.  Diane Chambers made a motion to approve minutes as submitted and Linda Boyter second.  Motion passed.

Linda Boyter stated the bank balance is $193.00 as no funds were expended nor received since the last meeting.  The Farmers Market has not received the $333.33 from the Cleveland County Farmers Market group, however, no cost have been incurred either.  Larry Waldrop told the group that a Ms. Attwood had mentioned at the Kickstart Cleveland County meeting that Mike Holcomb’s office had funds to donate to various organizations, however, Judge Spears pointed out that New Edinburg is not in Mr. Holcomb’s district as we are in Jeff Wardlaw’s so we would not be eligible for those funds.

Kathy Waldrop reported that the last picture posted on Facebook received 338 likes, however, the post regarding tonight’s meeting only received 16.  The post regarding the McClellan’s purchasing Stewart’s Store has currently had over 4,635 “looks”.   People also seem interested in the “work day” photos posted.


Paula Reeves, historian, ask the group if they would like her to research the stores currently standing or perhaps stores which are no longer present.  Everyone agreed the main focus should be on the properties still standing.  She is also working on several ideas to post the information at each location so that visitors could read a brief history of each property.

Old business – the Kickstart Cleveland County meeting was held in Rison last week with Larry Waldrop, Linda Boyter, and Roger McClellan attending.   The Cooperative Extension Service has requested that we compile a list of our volunteer minutes including meeting dates, work days, projects, etc. and a form for compiling the data was passed around for the group to review.  The information compiled would be very useful in completing grant applications.  It has been requested that this group compile all information requested on the form beginning with the first meeting held April 23, 2015 through today’s date.

 Linda reported that the Cleveland County Drama group is proposing to perform “Murder at the Pie Auction” this summer at Rison, Kingsland, New Edinburg and Rison.  This production is a four act play lasting approximately 45 minutes.  Local communities would be responsible for providing a meal and any net proceeds of the event would be shared between the sponsoring group and the drama group. Melody Spears indicated that all the Saturdays in June and August are currently reserved at the NE community center; therefore, July would be the only time the facility would be available for use.   Mary Ann Hart stated the next meeting of the group would be Thursday, February 18 at 6:30 at the old Rison bank building and that currently she and Linda would be attending.  Any interested party is invited to attend.

Linda Boyter passed around a flier on an ArCOP “Healthy Active Arkansas Summit” which will be held at UCA on April 5, 2016. This information was also received at the Kickstart Cleveland County meeting. The group agreed that someone should attend, but no one volunteered and no decision was made.

The Homesteading Conference will be held in Rison April 8-9 and Gib and Cheryl Moring have agreed to once again demonstrate Dutch Oven Cooking.  Several from this group have volunteered to assist them; however, no decision was made regarding the price to charge for samples or whether a full meal will be sold.

Larry Waldrop reported that Linda Boyter had donated angle iron for Farmers Market signs and that Marion Calvert had built the base.  Gary Spears made a motion that Larry be allowed to spend up to $150 to purchase the signage and the motion was seconded by Don Triplet.  Motion passed.  At this time Marvin King has donated wood for the construction of the Farmers Market tables and the Livingston’s have donated legs.  The group agrees that fans may be necessary to cool the old fire department in the summer heat and Larry Waldrop agreed to research the matter plus talk to Stephanie Matkin who had previously indicated that her husband could possibly help to secure fans.

This Saturday, February 21, is a scheduled work day and the group had previously decided to try and remove several feet of the cane located across from the County Store.  Everyone is to meet at the old fire department at 9:00 and then began to work on removing cane and trash from around the town.  Don Hart mentioned that Sonny Bowen had previously helped clean the areas by First Baptist Church; therefore, the group may consider helping him clean up the vacant lot he owns across from the church.

New Business:  Discussion regarding the opening of the Farmers Market and possibly holding a  5 K Run was held with a motion by Larry Waldrop to open the New Edinburg Farmers Market on May 21 and to hold a “Farm to Market 5K/Walk Run and 1 mile walk”.  Motion was seconded by Linda Boyter and motion passed.  Roger McClellan reminded the group that everyone present would need to volunteer to make the event successful.  Members were also encouraged to begin thinking of organizations to contact to see if we can secure sponsors of the event.

During previous meetings the group had discussed holding a clean up day for the nature trails and picnic areas located around the Marks Cemetery.  Motion was made by Larry Waldrop and seconded by Kathy Waldrop to hold a work day on March 19 at 9:00 a.m.  Patricia McClellan has talked with Edgar Colvin, the contact person for the Marks Cemetery, and he would love for the group to assist him in general cleanup of the area.  He will also contact other interested individuals to secure additional help.  Kristen Skelton, a board member of the NE Volunteer Fire Dept, has suggested that the fire department partner with the group by conducting its Great American Spring Pickup in that area also.  Everyone in attendance agreed that more community participation would assure success of the event

Future events to be held in Cleveland County include the March 3, 4, & 5 Hwy 35 Junk Hunt, the New Edinburg Community Center barbecue fundraiser on March 12, a fundraiser for Joel Miller on April 16 at the New Edinburg Community Center.  Also, the next Kickstart Cleveland County meeting will be held at the New Edinburg Community Center on April 21 at 6:30.

Future projects for the group would be the completion of flower boxes to be placed around town and perhaps painting some of the buildings.  Shelia Towery mentioned the possibly of the group holding a concert in the area and everyone present would like to secure playgroup equipment to be placed at the New Edinburg Community Center.  Mary Ann Hart invited everyone to join a new Gardening Extension Homemaker Project club and stated their first project would be a flower bed at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.

Next meeting of the re-New-ing Edinburg will be held March 15 at 6:00 p.m. at the New Edinburg Community Center.  Meeting adjourned.

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