Monday, February 8, 2016

Rural Fire Department Responds to Three Fires

The Bradley County Rural Fire Department responded to three fires recently.

On February 2, they were called out to 166 Bradley 987 where brush piles were being burned on the property, and the fire escaped into a wooded area.  The fire was controlled by the Bradley County Rural Fire Department and the Warren Fire Department.  Forestry was notified and dispatched a plow to build a fire line through the heavy wooded area.

On February 4, the department received a call to 126 Bradley 182, Banks.  Upon arrival, they discovered a building fire.  Nine personnel reported.  Assistance was received from the Jersey Fire Department.

On February 7, the were called out to a forest/woods fire at 168 Bradley 303.  According to the fire report, a wood fire was reported directly to a firefighter at Bradley County Rural Fire Station.  When the first unit arrived, the residents in the area had contained the fire on one side but the fire had started into the woods and had started to consume dry tree tops.  The tree tops were extinguished with considerable effort, and the fire only burned a small area.  The fire was deemed unintentional.  The owner of the property was James Lasiter.

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