Monday, February 22, 2016

Warren Aviation Commission Meets

Members of the Warren Aviation Commission meet on February 18, 2016 in the Warren Municipal Courtroom.  In attendance were Commissioners Raymond Colen, John B. Frazer, Jr., Rick Stracner and H. Murray Claycomb.  Also present were Mayor Bryan Martin, engineer Matthew Vinyard, Deon Wolfe and Scott White.  Chairman, Dr. Joe H. Wharton was unable to  attend.  Commissioner Frazer presided.

The commission voted to accept the "Capital Improvement Plan" that was submitted to the FAA on December 8, 2015.  A vote to include the flight training building, a box hanger and future T-Hangers on the airport layout drawing was approved.  The plan calls for removal of proposed hangers on the eastern border of the airport.  All the plans will be sent to the FAA.

In other business the commission voted to accept the bid of Reppond Construction in the amount of $4,109.88 for repair of the roof on hanger #2.  Another vote was adopted to allow hanger #9 to be enlarged on each side of the back portion of the hanger, at the hanger tenant's expense.

There was discussion about the concern of excessive deer near the runway and safety of employees inspecting the runway.  Arkansas Game and Fish will be consulted regarding the deer and Mayor Martin will address the safety of inspectors.

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