Monday, July 11, 2016

Arrest Report: July 11, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty.  Only persons booked through the Warren Police Department are included in this report.

Samantha L. Parks, 617 McCauley, Warren, AR , age 29, charged with disorderly conduct (7-4-16)

Patrick Rochell, 318 N. Ethridge, Warren, AR., age 52, charged with violation of protection order (7-5-16)

Everlee Simmons, 508 Shelton St., Warren, AR., age 27, charged with DWI 2, refusal to test, and endangering a minor (7-5-16)

Wash L. Simon, 403 E. Cedar, Warren, AR., age 42, arrested on warrant, charged with terroristic threatening (7-5-16)

Tapia Campos, 1416 West Pine, Warren, AR., age 44, charged with running stop sign, no driver's license, arrested on warrant (7-7-16)

Roy L. Hampton, 905 North Cross St., Dermott, AR., age 43, arrested on warrant (7-7-16)

Kendrick Burns, 5301 N Wausau St. Monticello, AR., age 35, arrested on warrant (7-7-16)

Ronalwayne Jones, 800 Sturgis St., Warren, AR., age 35, charged with terroristic threatening and breaking and entering (7-9-16)

Ronalwayne Jones, 800 Sturgis St., Warren, AR., age 35, charged with aggravated assault and endangering welfare of a minor (7-9-16)

Markel McGlaughlin, 319 E. Pine St., Warren, AR., age 19, charged with domestic battery 3rd (7-10-16)

Shianne Groves, 740 Sanderlin Rd., Wilmar, AR., age 30, charged with domestic battery 3rd (7-10-16)

Vertrell Davis, 203 S. Bradley St., Warren, AR., age 43, charged with shoplifting and arrested on warrant (7-11-16)

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