Sunday, July 3, 2016

Good Roads Foundation Summer Luncheon

Craig Douglass
The Good Roads Foundation, an organization committed to promoting highway upgrading and development in Arkansas, held their summer meeting, June, 30th at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion.  Individuals from throughout the state were present including mayors, county judges, industrial developers, members of the Arkansas Highway Commission, Congressmen French Hill and other interested parties. Jim Wooten, President of the Foundation presided.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson made remarks.  He talked about the actions taken recently by the Arkansas Legislature to make funds available to match federal dollars under the new highway bill.  The Governor stated he opposed any tax increase for highways unless offset in some way and indicated he would support no further transfer of general revenue to the highway fund.  He told the Foundation they need to lead the way in preparing a plan to meet the serious needs of highway development in Arkansas.  The Governor also stated the only way he would support any new highway taxes is by a vote of the people.
Left:  Beverly Moore and Highway Commissioner Robert Moore with Bill and Deloris Lawrence.

Nathan Watson of the Clinton School of Public Service, made a powerpoint presentation concerning the positive economic benefit of highway expansion and Shannon Newton talked about the support of the trucking industry for highway upgrades and construction.

Craig Douglass, Executive Director of the Foundation, stated that the Good Roads Foundation accepts the Governor's challenge to formulate a plan for funding and looks forward to working with him and the Legislature in addressing the needs in Arkansas. Sales Manager Gregg Reep attended the meeting.  There were representatives of Drew County present.  

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