Friday, July 22, 2016

Hermitage Adopts Ordinance Dealing With False Alarms

After dealing with the regular monthly business of the city, the Hermitage City Council adopted an ordinance ( #112 ) that sets fees for the City of Hermitage Police Department for emergency responses to recurring false alarms.  This means when alarms of businesses or homes malfunction and the police are called over three times within a year the owner will be levied a fee of $25.00 per false alarm.  Failure to pay will result in a citation being issued.  The ordinance will be posted for public view.  Council members voting for the ordinance were: Tonya Kendrix, Frank Ford and Carol Bell.

In new business the council was told a new aerator is needed for the sewer pond.  Prices are being checked.  The aldermen then voted to transfer $3000.00 from the depreciation fund to assist in payment to ETC Engineers to sign off on sewer corrective actions.

Reports were given for the water department, the sewer department, the fire department and the police department.  It was reported that sewer samples were out of compliance due to too much chlorine.  The council was also informed that the levees of the sewer pond were burned off and duck weed was harvested.  There were no fires calls in June and 11 citations issued by the police.  

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