Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lions Club Hears Programs

Kathy Hall and Lions Club President Clayton Winters
The Warren Lions Club met Wednesday, July 28, at noon at Molly's.  Speaking to the group was Kathy Hall of the Bradley County Medical Center.

Kathy Hall (Education Director) for Bradley County Medical Center spoke on
the AR SAVES stroke program from UAMS. See link below for more information.

AR SAVES (Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support)

Arkansas Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support (AR SAVES)
presents an innovative solution to a complex, statewide problem.

AR SAVES began November 1st, 2008 and has grown to 48 partnering sites
throughout Arkansas.  Vascular neurologists share call to provide 24/7
consult coverage.  Each of these partnering sites is equipped with
telemedicine technology, training for personnel, support for dedicated
tele-stroke coordinator (nurse facilitator), and ongoing continuing
education.  Through AR SAVES, over 1000 patients have now been treated with
Shelby Gardner and Lions Club President Clayton Winers

Another speaker, Warren High School senior, Shelby Gardner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Gardner, talked to the club about a fundraiser she is hosting to benefit the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Department at the Veterans' Hospital.  She will be hosting a dessert auction.  More information on this event can be found on

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