Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Reading Program a Huge Hit

You can tell by the looks on their faces that the summer readers were wowed with Mrs. Shawna's program.
Today's (June 30th- all age groups) summer reading program was sooo cool! We had Mrs.Shawna Adams from NHECM (Natural History Educational company of the Midsouth) Wildlife Programming come today! She brought several different animals with her to show the kids. The first
Mrs. Shawna shows the readers and owl.
animal was the blue-tongued skink. She talked about how they use their blue tongue to sense things around them and they can also break off their tale to escape a predator. Next, she had a black tailed prairie dog. She explained that when Lewis and Clark explored the united states, prairie dogs were everywhere but now they only live in a small area. They also use different sounds to warn each other of danger! Then, there was the straw colored fruit bat. Mrs. Shawna said that if it wasn't for these fruit bats there wouldn't be any teak trees. They eat the fruit off of them then when they relieve themselves the seeds are fertilized! She also had the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the world's largest species of owl. The males have a wing span of 4 feet while the females have a wing span of 6 feet! Finally, she showed the kids a baby red kangaroo! His name was Dominic, he was very cute and friendly. She told the kids that he is just like a baby,she has to carry him around everywhere. Plus he wears a diaper and still eats from a bottle! They live in their mom's poaches until they are a year old. The mother can nurse a newborn about the size of a Lima bean and a 6 month old like the one we had today at the same time, producing two different types of milk! We are so thankful for her coming, the kids loved it!
The children loved the animals.

The summer reading program has been a huge success this summer.

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