Monday, July 18, 2016

Warren School District Hires New Personnel

The Warren School board met for their regular monthly meeting, Monday, July 18 with six of the seven board members present.  They approved the minutes of the June 7 and July 6 meetings.  They received brief reports from each of the school's principals.

Cecilia Whittemore presented a chart of proficiency comparisons of the district test scores to the national test scores in reading, writing, English, Math, and Science.  In nine areas, Warren exceeded the national average.

The superintendent presented a report on the refinancing of district bonds.  He indicated the new interest rate is 1.48% and as a result of the refinancing, the District will save $315,000 in the first year.

The board moved into executive session to discuss personnel matters.  When they returned the approved contracts for the school year for the following:

licensed personnel:

Ellie Johnston - 6th grade literacy
Samantha McAlpin-6th grade literacy
Billy Reed-9th grade English
Michael Milum-head baseball coach, assistant football coach,
     elementary PE instructor, contract will begin 7-18-16
Colonel Curtis Kraft-JROTC contingency to hire until new
     candidate can be placed
Evan Comeau-WHS Algebra II
Ashley Hays-Middle School 7th grade math
George Shelton-interventionist, Middle School PE, 8th period sports

classified personnel:

Kenna Glossup-High School secretary
Magdalena Ramos-Special Ed Parapro at ABC Preschool
Leticia Ramirez-ABC Parapro
Brandi Holley-ES Parapro

Courtney Ferrell-9th Grade English
Megan Taylor - 3rd grade teacher
Emily Groves - Parapro at ABC Preschool Teacher's Assistant
Becky Outlaw - aid at ESNVCS
Jane Helton - adult ed
Kimberly Nix - High School Secretary
Sandra Tolefree - high school kitchen manager
Suzanne Tucker - GED instructor at SEACBEC

voluntary transfer:

Shannon Pope - Middle School math to WHS math

The board renewed the leave incentive plan.  They adopted a resolution to request waivers from the Arkansas State Board of Education for teachers.

They approved a resolution for the annual school election to be held September 20, 2016.  The resolution requests that all voting be conducted as early voting and absentee.

They approved a contract for bread and milk for the coming school year and approved program that will allow free breakfast and lunch for all students for the 2016-17 school year.

After hearing and approving the financial report from Debbie Hargrave, the board was told by Mrs. Hargrave that they should be able transfer around $850,000 into the building fund due to a strong financial balance.

In the superintendent's report, Mr. Acklin told the board that Principal Wever of ESNVCS will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to receive her award for being named Principal of the Year.  He also told them that the soccer field work in progressing and the new concession stand is close to completion.  Work on the building that will be used for JROTC is also progressing.  He has been informed that the turf project on the football field should be completed around August 3.  He told the board that they need to have a special meeting to discuss financial planning for Eastside and Physical Education facilities.  He noted that the district is in the process of taking bids on the old portable buildings.

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