Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arrest Report: August 1, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Cory A. Ferguson, 152 Bradley 89, Hermitage, AR., age 22, court (7-25-16)

Mario A. Courtney, 325 West 1st, El Dorado, AR., age 27, hearing (7-25-16)

Ronnie Owens, 303 N. Chestnut, Warren, AR., age 56, charged with DWI, left of center, careless driving, suspended driver's license, and no seat belt (7-26-16)

Jose Ramon Mondragon, Bradley Rd. 7 N, age 29, charged with violation of order of protection (7-26-16)

Jamar Hampton, 1109 Phillips St., Warren, AR., age 19, (no charge listed) 7-27-16

Holly Temple, 1205 S. Martin, Warren, AR., age 32, charged with domestic battery 3rd (7-27-16)

Marquis Martin, 562 McKinstry Ave., Wilmar, AR., age 22, charged with possession of controlled substance, marijuana (7-28-16)

Jeffery Griddine, 9603 Homestead, Houston, Texas, age 49, arrested on warrant TOP (7-29-16)

Louie T. Malone, 410 Beatrice St., Fordyce, AR., age 55, charged with driving on suspended driver's license (7-29-16)

Anthony C. Poseley, 122 S. Birch St., Hermitage, AR., age 52, charged with public intoxication and possession of controlled substance (7-30-16)

Katrice D. Thomas, 808 Shop St., Warren, AR., age 30, charged with possession of controlled substance FTA (8-1-16)

Mxhael R. DelAngel, 576 S. Gabbert St., Monticello, AR. age 19, arrested on warrant (8-1-16)

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