Monday, August 15, 2016

Arrest Report: August 15, 2016

Abilio Natera-Naka, 95 Orchard St., Apt. 43A, New York, New York, age 30, charged with no drivers license, fictitious tags, possession of controlled substance, drinking on highway (8-8-16)

Samuel Copel Diaz, 95 Orchard St., Apt. 43A, New York, New York, age 24, charged with drinking on highway (8-8-16)

O'Dario Moseley, 511 Boyd St., Warren, AR, age 28, arrested on warrant (8-10-16)

Deshundra Thomas, 235 S. 5th St., Wilmar, AR., age 27, charged with failure to report, abuse of an adult (8-10-16)

Erin Terrell, 502 West McCrary, Mineral Springs, AR., age 39, charged with failure to appear, theft, parole hold (8-11-16)

Ruben E. Quivel, 604 S. Main St., Warren, AR., age 25, charged with public intoxication (8-?-16)

Juan Cabrera, 112 W. Church St., Warren, AR., age 21, charged with DWI, No driver's license, careless driving, and no seatbelt (8-13-16)

Walter Wright, 416 Elm St., Warren, AR., age 56, charged with shoplifting (8-14-16)

Marcus E. Davis, 425 Hwy 278 W., Warren, AR., age 43, charged with body attachment (8-14-16)

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