Sunday, August 21, 2016

City Employees Called Out to Respond to Oil Spill

City crews worked until midnight putting sand on an oil spill that meandered through several city streets.
According to the Warren Fire Department, a driver pulling a trailer with a 55-gallon drum of oil drove through several streets within the city of Warren spilling oil onto the streets.  The vehicle was entering Warren from the east.  Oil began spilling when he turned onto Clingman Road.  The spill continued as he traveled north on Clingman and when he turned left onto East Cedar Street.  The spill became worse as he turned right onto North Gannaway and continued as he turned left onto Pennington Street and  right onto North Bradley Street, left onto East Pine, and north onto Myrtle Street.

Mayor Martin, the city street crew, fire department, and police department all responded.  Traffic had to be rerouted and sand was put on the oil spill throughout the route of the spill.  The incident was reported around 5:00 p.m.  Crews worked until midnight dispersing the sand.

At this time, the incident is still under investigation.

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