Monday, August 8, 2016

Hometown Health Coalition to Meet Tuesday

The Bradley County Hometown Health Coalition Meeting will be on 8/9/16 from 12noon-1pm at the Brunson Complex Conference Room at 204 Bragg Street ( across the road from Dr. Worley’s office). We will be meeting with the Bradley Health Fair committee members at this meeting. The Arkansas Department of Minority Health will be presenting information on the Barber and Beauty Shop Initiative which is usually held at Barber and Beauty shops or can be located elsewhere within the community.

We are wanting to find out more information about this initiative to see if it would be beneficial at the Bradley Health Fair help the 2nd Saturday in April or if would be better to have this type initiative in the community during another time in the year.

Anyone interested in this information is welcome to attend.  If this is your lunchtime feel free to bring your lunch and eat during the meeting.

At 1pm after the Barber and Beauty shop initiative then members of the Bradley County Hometown Health Coalition will meet for an additional 15 minutes to discuss the Community Garden and give an update on it.

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