Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hospital Board Member Resigns

Stating that he had served almost 20 years on the Bradley County Medical Center Board feeling that it is time to conclude his service on the board, Lathan Hairston submitted his resignation to the board by letter.  The announcement was made by board Chairman Freddie Mobley during the August 25, 2016 monthly board meeting.  Mr. Mobley stated that Mr. Hairston went on to say he was not unhappy or that no problems exist that caused him to step down.  According to Mr. Mobley, Mr. Hairston just feels it is time.  Anew appointment will have to be made in the future.

In regular board business, Brandon Gorman presented the financial reports and the home health care statistics.  He also reported on the hospital sales tax fund.  It has a balance of around $1.7 million.

On motion by Dr. Wharton, the board approved the following medical staff recommendations:
Ian Birkett, M.D., RAPA
Robin Bohra, M.D., Emergency Medicine/ESS
S. Killeen DesLauriers, M.D., OB/Gyn
Michael Flick, M.D., RAPA
Ioana Irime, M.D., Emergency Medicine/ESS
Andrew Kumpuris, M.D., Cardiology
Perkins Mukunyadzi, M.D., Arkansas Pathology
Muhammad Yusef, M.D., Emergency Medicine/ESS

Chief Nursing Officer, Tiffany Holland updated the board on the nursing staff and indicated that several job openings exist, including in ER and labor and delivery.  She stated that some contract nurses are being used to fill in.

Administrator Rex Jones provided and executive report.  He told the board a new agreement has been reached with the radiology firm that will save the hospital over $100,000.00 per year.  He reported on a meeting with the ambulance provider for Bradley County and indicated it went well and he hoped issues of finding locations out in the county in a timely fashion will be improved.  It was noted that one of the causes of a slow response to a call was that a state highway was improperly marked.  Mr. Jones updated the board on OB coverage and office upgrades within the hospital.  Staff will be relocated to the new offices from the building across the street from the hospital that will be demolished in the future.

The administrator also stated that plans are proceeding on planning for a new doctors clinic to be constructed sometime in 2017.  The new clinic will house a new family doctor.

The board elected Joe Don Greenwood as Vice President and Treasurer of the board to fill the two positions previously held by Lathan Hairston. 

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