Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quorum Court Discusses Purchasing Land

The Bradley County Quorum Court was updated by County Judge Keith Neely regarding his negotiations to purchase up to 81 acres adjacent to the county park, during the Court's August 15, 2016 monthly meeting.  In July the JP's had given the Judge permission to look into a price to buy the property.  The Judge told the Quorum Court that after some give and take between the parties, a price of $3000.00 per acre has been submitted to the county.  He went on to say the county is eligible for a state grant that could pay half the cost.  The total cost at $3000.00 per acre would amount to $243,000.00 with the county share being $121,500.00 if the grant is secured.  The grant would have to be applied for and it is not at this time guaranteed.  The concept of buying the land is to expand the county park.

Justice Bobby Hargraves stated that he did not believe there was any way the county could afford the entire $243,000.00 and it would be difficult to handle the $121,500.00 even should the grant be approved.  He then made a motion to allow the Judge to negotiate up to $3000.00 per acre and come back to the court for final consideration, all being subject to a grant being secured to help.

Judge Neely then reported that he is still looking into options to repair or replace the roof on the search and rescue building on Cedar Street.  The matter was tabled.

There was considerable discussion about proposed new labor regulations that may have an impact on overtime pay and compensated time off for county employees.  The judge and the court indicated they did not understand what the new regulations would require of the county and needed more information.  There had been past discussions about taking part in a lawsuite against the federal government in an attempt to stop the regulations from taking effect.  No action was taken.

The court then approved the appropriation of $3500 for the Bradley County Fair & Market Association to be used to repair the riding arena.  The money is being made available through general improvement funding.

Regular reports were submitted from the County Treasure and Sheriff and Collector.  Judge Neely also informed the court that a new bridge has been approved for County Road 18 W at a cost of $86,110.00.  The federal government will pay 50% of the total and the county must cover the other half in labor and cash.

The JP's were made aware that a tree fell on one of the Sheriff's cars during a recent storm and the insurance company totaled the vehicle.  Sheriff Anders has located another car to purchase. 

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