Thursday, August 4, 2016

Warren Police Department Releases Photos of Counterfeit Bills Circulating in Area

Notice the wording on the back side of this counterfeit $100 bill.

According to Warren Police Chief Shaun Hildreth there continues to be a problem with counterfeit monies being circulated in Warren and the surrounding area.  The majority of the counterfeit money has been in the form of $100 bills.  Individuals and businesses are urged to carefully inspect money paid to them to make sure it is legitimate.  On the back of the fake bills, there is clearly language that they are not real.  There is also a red dot on them.

Investigation into the passing of the counterfeit bills continues to be investigated by the Warren Police Department as well as state and federal authorities.

Anyone who suspects they are being offered counterfeit money should immediately contact the Warren Police Department.

Notice the red dot on the back of the counterfeit bill.

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