Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Workforce Speaks to BCEDC

During the regular monthly meeting of the Bradley County Economic Development Corporation's board of directors, staff of the Department of Workforce Services made a presentation.  The lead staff person was Nancy Jones.  She and other members of the department provided an overview of workforce programs, including unemployment services and efforts to help individuals find jobs.

In addition to reviewing the financial statement, the board voted to host the Southeast Arkansas Cornerstone Coalition meeting to be held September, 26th.  The event will begin at 11:30 A.M. on the 26th and should be attended by 15-20 representatives from the five counties of southeast Arkansas.

According to the BCEDC financial statement, the organization has current assets of $264,400.26.  Income for use by the corporation comes from public and private sources with the largest amount being paid by the City of Warren at the rate of $5000.00 per month.  The city and corporation operate under an annual contract.  In addition to the $5000.00 per month payment, the city is paying $2942.09 to make payments on a 40,000 square foot spec building located in the city industrial park.  The funding provided by the city comes from the city's one cent sales tax, designated by the city council for economic development.

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