Monday, September 19, 2016

Arrest Report: September 19, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Terrence Rideout, White Hall, AR., age 32, arrested on warrant (9-12-16)

David Reeves, 2739 Urbana Rd., El Dorado, AR., age 37, arrested on warrant (9-13-16)

Katrice Thomas, 808 Shop St., Warren, AR., age 30, charged with driving on suspended license (9-13-16)

Ereion Robinson, Bryant St., Lot 3, Warren, AR., age 23, arrested on warrant x2 (9-13-16)

Gerry Lephiew, 1314 Bradley 25 Rd. N., Warren, AR., age 43, arrested on warrant x3 (9-13-16)

Cathy Joanna Goodson, 224720 Haskins Rd, Mabelvale, AR., 72103, age 32, charged with failure to appear, theft of property, and possession of instrument of crime (9-13-16)

Joshua Lloyd, 503 Euclid St., Monticello, AR., age 29, arrested on warrant (9-13-16)

John Patrick Wolfe, 503 Bond St., Warren, AR., age 32, charged with battery 3rd, disorderly conduct (9-14-16)

Rickey Johnson, 514 N. Myrtle St., Warren, AR., age 53, charged with disorderly conduct, violation of court order of protection,  harrassment (9-14-16)

Jennifer Gilliland, 1805 Bradley Rd. 8 N, Warren, AR., age 39, charged with driving on suspended license 99-17-16)

Cammeron Gilliland, 1805 Bradley Rd. 8 N., Warren, AR., age 20, arrested on warrant (9-17-16)

Joshua C. Grice, 701 Clio St., Warren, AR., age 35, charged with domestic battery 3rd (9-17-16)

Ronalwayne Jones, 800 Sturgis St., Warren, AR. age 35, charged with aggravated assault 1st degree x2, terroristic threatening x2 (9-18-16)

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