Monday, September 12, 2016

Candidate Removed From November Ballot

A court ruling was issued Monday morning September 12th ordering the Republican Candidate for State Representative for House District 9, Jim Hall to to removed from the ballot due to being ineligible to serve due to his conviction on hot check laws with "intent to defraud."  Mr. Hall's name was ordered removed from the ballot by Special Judge David Laser.  Judge Laser was appointed to hear the case after all five circuit judges in Southeast Arkansas recused due to the fact that Mr. Hall sued them all last year.

The case to remove Mr. Hall was filed by Johnnie Bolin of Ashley County.  House District 9 is comprised of parts of Ashley and Drew Counties.  Bolin was represented by Chris Burks, who is legal council for the Arkansas Democratic Party.

Mr. Hall was reported to have become disruptive after the decision was rendered.  Other attorneys representing officials form Ashley and Drew Counties were also present and took part in the presentation of evidence.

Additional information relating to the case and the court proceedings may be found on Monticellolive and southeastarkansastoday.

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