Thursday, September 22, 2016

Community Action Board Meets/Elects New Officers

The Board of the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Agency meet for their regularly monthly meeting September 20, 2106 in the conference room of the agency's offices in Warren.  The board conducted it's regular business for the month and heard reports on the various programs operated by the agency.  The executive director presented her administrative report.  She informed the board that some local funds are needed to cover the cost of a program that benefits the low income.  She indicated that some funds donated by private business could be transferred to the account to cover the need and the businesses which made the donations had given permission to make the transfer.  Any such action would require board approval.  Some board members had concerns about the appropriateness of making such transfers.  The board agreed to look into the matter further.

The meeting seemed to function more smoothly than in the past and the board was more engaged in discussion and asked questions.  When it came time to elect officers, the proceedings became confused and unorganized.  Finally the elections were concluded.  The following board members were elected to serve:
Chairman Al Dixon-Desha County
Vice Chairman Angela Meeks-Bradley County
Secretary Debra Cooper-Bradley County
Treasurer Alether Wright-Desha County
Parliamentarian Rochelle Griggs-Chicot County

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Mr. Darryl Johnson continued voicing his concerns that some board members have been improperly selected and talked about several other issues of concern.  Gregg Reep of addressed comments to the state officials present by asking when he would receive a response to information he requested a month ago relating to the board appointments and past actions taken by the board regarding the rejection of a person nominated to the board. ( It should be noted that the board later reversed itself and approved the appointment ).  Mr. Reep was told he would get a written response soon.  Other speakers asked questions about facilities and programs.   

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