Monday, September 12, 2016

Council Orders Cleanup of Properties

The Warren City Council took action to proceed with the cleanup of two condemned properties during Monday night's regular monthly meeting.   All three properties have been through due process and owners have been notified.  The council voted to proceed with the filling in of a non-functioning swimming pool on Southern Courts which has been the subject of a number of complaints.  They also voted to move forward with the cleanup of property located at the corner of Rich and Watson Streets where the property has grown up around pieces of construction debris.  Property located on Thomas Street was also discussed.  All that is needed for the city to proceed on the cleanup of this property where a tree has fallen through an abandoned house is to be sure the city has waited the number of days after notifying the owner.  Building Official Mike May indicated the time was very near.  The aldermen also discussed the progress on the burned Words on a Shirt Building (former Martin's Building) on Main Street.  Mayor Martin informed them that he is working through the legal process to enforce the cleanup.

Hailey Gammel approached the council seeking their approval and street closings for a 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser to benefit Muscular Dystrophe.  Mayor Martin told the council he would work with the organizers of this event to secure the route.  The date for the run/walk has been set for October 15.

The Police Committee Chairman Fufa Fullerson made the following recommendations on behalf of the committee:

*promotion for Kendall Rawls to Corporal
*Reclassification of Shauna Adkins
*Step increases for Trent Griffith and Ronnie Anthony Gallegos

The recommendations were approved.

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