Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kindness Ambassador Campaign At The Library

Warren Branch Library and the Bradley County Homeschool Group has been selected to participate in the Kindness Ambassador Campaign through generationOn. We have two projects to complete, the Rules of Kindness project that will be completed by October 23, and the Joy Maker Challenge, that will be completed by December 23.

Last week, ​the children worked on their first project, Rules of Kindness, by creating a set of Kindness Rules. They created an awesome list of Kindness Rules: 1.) Be friendly and talk to people, 2.) Give and share with people, 3.) Be nice and help people, 4.) Use your manners, 5.) Be patient with people, 6.) Forgive others, 7.) Apologize when you hurt people, & 8.) Compromise to work together. They will put these kindness rules into action on September 23rd, by creating homemade greeting cards and homemade socks/washcloths to be given to the Nursing Home Residents to brighten their day and put a smile on their face.

The next project will be completed in December, were the Bradley County Homeschool Group will receive 100-500 toys to be distributed in the community to Kids First, Warren/Hermitage Headstart, ABC Preschool, & Presbyterian Headstart/ABC Preschool.

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