Monday, October 24, 2016

Arrest Report: October 24, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Jeremy D. Ingram, 1001 Copeland St., Warren, AR., age ?, charged with violation of protection order (10-17-16)

Dianna Dejarnette, 600 S. Walnut, D-32, Hermitage, AR., age 27, charged with disorderly conduct (10-19-16)

Michael Carroll, 600 Walnut St., D-35, Hermitage, AR., age 26, arrested on warrant (10-20-16)

Essie M. Lewis, 1352 US Highway 635, Warren, AR., age 45, charged with driving on suspended license, fictitious tags, no insurance, and arrested on two warrants (10-21-16)

Vincent Davis, 199 Bradley Rd. 194, Banks, AR., age 40, charged with possession of controlled substance, public intoxication, and arrested on a warrant (10-23-16)

Matthew Chambers, 142 Violet St., Warren, AR., age 32, charged with drinking in public (10-23-16)

Malik Ross, 539 Maple St., Camden, AR., age 22, charged with carrying a weapon, drinking in public (10-23-16)

Daniel Williams, 270, N. Oak St., Bearden, AR., age 23, charged with drinking in public, arrested on a warrant (10-23-16)

Patrick Lee Dalton, 1419 Jackson Loop, Warren, AR., age 46, charged with driving on suspended license (10-23-16)

Cory Ferguson, 152 Bradley Rd 89, Hermitage, AR., age 22, charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespassing (10-23-16)

Ray Partain, 1424 Hwy 160 W., Jersey, AR., age 49, charged with domestic battery III (10-24-16)

Cory Ferguson, 152 Bradley Rd. 89, Hermitage, AR., age 22, charged with driving on suspended drivers license and fictitious tags (10-24-16)

Tyron Butler, 203 South Bradley, Warren, AR., age 56, charged with disorderly conduct (10-24-16)

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