Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fair Labor Standards Board Instructs County to Pay Overtime to Deputies

The Bradley County Quorum Court met Monday, October 17 for its regular monthly meeting.  After approving the treasurer's report and the sheriff's report, Judge Neely reported that the county had completed some bridge work.  He also told them that he did not have any new information on the cost to repair the roof on the Search and Rescue Building on Cedar Street.  The court voted to table the matter.

They approved the appointment of Kristi Clanton to the Hospital Board and approved the 2014 Audit Report for the county.  They voted to add an item to the agenda, considering overtime pay for some of the sheriff's deputies.

The judge informed the court that the fair labor standards board has instructed the county that they owe $4942.36 to some of the sheriff's deputies for overtime pay they have never received over an approximate 2-year period.  The court voted to make the payments in that amount plus appropriate social security and retirement.  The judge and the sheriff informed the court the requirements of paying overtime in the future.

Bobby Hargrave noted that the county should commend the late Ricky Sanders for his past service as Chief of the County Line Fire Department.

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