Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Intermodal Struggles With Railroad Crossing

The Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority meet in Monticello Wednesday, October 19th and spent most of the meeting talking about the struggles dealing with the railroad in securing an agreement to construct a crossing over the tracks.  Originally the authority seemed to have an agreement with the previous owner of the railroad but is now having to renegotiate a written agreement with the new rail company.  The consulting engineer was strongly questioned as to why this has not been taken care of in the past.  It is holding up construction.  Grant funds are being used to build approaches to the rail on both sides to allow vehicles to cross within the intermodal park.  The Monticello city attorney is working on the matter.

According to the financial report, the authority retains a note payable of $359,147.19 to Commerical Bank of Monticello.  The report continues to list amounts owed by the two cities and two counties as follows:
Drew County-$156,149.46
Bradley County-$226,046.00

The board voted to pay several bills upon receiving proper authority.  This includes $89,120.00 to Phoenix Fabricators for final payment on the water tank, $62.55 to AT&T, $150.00 to Robert C. Milton and $1,280.57 in interest to Commercial Bank.

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