Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mayor Martin Addresses Lions Club

Lion Gregg Reep, a former Mayor of Warren, welcomes Mayor Bryan Martin.
Warren Mayor Bryan Martin was the featured speaker for the Warren Lions Club meeting conducted October 12, 2016 at Molly's Diner.  He updated the members on several city projects and actions and invited questions from those in attendance.

The Mayor addressed the following:
1. Burned out Words On A Shirt building-He indicated the building has been ordered cleaned up by
   the Warren City Council and the clean up is out for bids.  He indicated it is estimated that the
   project will cost the taxpayers many thousands of dollars and the city will pursue all legal
   remedies to recoup the cost. It May take several years.  The Mayor also talked about issues with
   protection of the neighboring buildings, power lines and internet cable.

2. New construction projects-Mayor Martin stated that progress is moving on the renovation of
    Axley Field as a new soccer facility and efforts to secure funds to repair the old Railroad Depot.

3. Intermodal facility and Orthoflex building-The Mayor stated that he supports the work to
   complete the Intermodal Park.  He hopes it will create jobs and tax revenue for Warren.  He also
   said plans are moving ahead for a private firm to purchase the old Orthoflex building on Central
   Street.  The city is selling it for use as a commercial business.

4.Shooting Range-He said work is ongoing to expand the shooting range to add facilities for pistol
   and rifle shooting.

5. Police Department-According to the Mayor, the police department has two vacancies open for the
    position of patrolman.

The Mayor thanked the city council for their work and support. 

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