Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bradley County Rural Fire Battles Woodland Blaze

On Thursday, November 10, the Bradley County Rural Fire Department responded to a woodland fire on Bradley 274 north of Gary Green’s chicken houses.

The fire was located in a 60-acre cutover and started near a skid trail where all terrain vehicles had been traveling.  The fire was burning debris left from log loading operations when the brush truck arrived.  Before firefighters could control the fire it had ignited a large pile of cutoffs from the logging operation.  A road had to be made so a pumper truck could read the fire location about 1500 feet from the nearest improved road so the fire became uncontrollable and was isolated and allowed to burn.

When the Arkansas Forestry fire dozer arrived, a wide line was established around the mound of cutoffs, and they were allowed to burn.  The fire continued to burn for at least another 48 hours.

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