Monday, November 14, 2016

City Council Approves Christmas Bonuses for Employees

The Warren City Council met Monday evening for their regular monthly meeting with five of the six aldermen present.  After approving the minutes of the previous month's meeting and the financial reports, the board heard public comments.  The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce presented a letter in support of city efforts to get properties cleaned up and encouraging a city ordinance to make downtown building owners to take measures to make their buildings look not junked up or empty.  Ms. Maxine Bowie King spoke to the aldermen concerning property in need of clearnup on either side of her property.

The council voted to accept the low bid of $54,500 for demolition and filling in of property at 200 and 202 South Main Street where a fire burned out two buildings.  It was noted that this bid could only be accepted if the asbestos tests allowed for this type of cleanup.  The bid was awarded to T & T Construction.

They voted to rezone property at 1108 E. Church street from Commercial to Residential.

The aldermen approved December 23 and 26 for Christmas Holidays for the City.

They approved the closing of streets along the parade route (we will post the route Tuesday).

Raymond Colen was reappointed to the aviation commission for a five-year term.

The council heard the following departmental reports:  Police, Fire, Sanitation, Building, and Street.

Riley Paving was awarded the bid for street paving in the amount of $90.50 per ton.

In the Ways and Means Committee, Chairman Dorothy Henderson noted that putting together a budget for 2017 was difficult because "money is very, very tight."

Christmas bonuses were approved as follows:
   employees with less than a year (10) $110
   employees with 1 to less than 5 years (13) $200
   employees with 5 to less than 10 years (5) $300
   employees with 10 to less than 15 years (7) $400
   employees with 15 to less than 20 years (5) $500
   employees with 20+ years (5) $600

The council looked over reports of boards and commissions before adjourning.

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