Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dr. Tucker Rehired For Three Year Term

The Hermitage School Board meet in regular session November 14th and took action on several personnel matters.  The board voted to rehire Dr. Tucker as superintendent for a three year term.
Also action was taken as follows:
-hire Joel Avance, short bus route
-hire Charles Thomas, medium bus route
-hire Jamie Corker, CO Business Assistant
-granted approval for Tyler Caruthers to give private baseball lessons
-granted approval for Alicia Avery to provide student tutoring
The actions regarding Mr. Caruthers and Ms. Avery are for services outside their contracts with the Hermitage School District.

Carla Sparks, with Children's Hospital gave the board information on a school-based telemedicine program.  A memo of understanding will be brought back to the board.  There is no cost to the district and initially no cost to students, although that could change in the future.

Reports were given to the board on the Workforce/Work Ready Communities grant and on an option to lease purchase a controlled access and surveillance system.

The board approved a policy that will dictate that all cell phones of students and teachers will be collected and placed in zip lock bags during online testing.

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