Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rural Fire Department Aids Sumpter Department in Woodland Fire

The Bradley County Rural Fire Department was dispatched to assist the Sumpter Fire Department on Sunday, October 30 to the home of Phillip Jonio at 153 Bradley 339 in Sumpter when a house fire was reported.   The Rural Department responded with a pumper truck and two water trucks.

Upon arrival, the fire was determined to be a woodland fire instead of a house fire.  It had grown to about one acre by the time they arrived.  Lines were pulled format he pumpers.  Both departments were unable to reach the back die of the fire.  At that point, Bradley Rural called for a brush truck, for the off road capabilities, and Arkansas Forestry for a plow.

The fire stayed low and only burned underbrush.  The fire report listed the cause as undetermined.

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