Thursday, November 10, 2016

Two Days After Winning Re-election As A Democrat, Representative Wardlaw Switches To Republican Party

Below is the official press release from Representative Wardlaw:

Representative Jeff Wardlaw joins Republican Party

Little Rock, Ark.– Representative Jeff Wardlaw of Hermitage released the following statement to announce he will represent his constituents of District 8 as a Republican effective immediately

“With much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to join the Republican Party of Arkansas. Over the last few years my constituency has gradually changed and I have found the issues that are important to them, which I share, such as protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, protecting the unborn, traditional marriage and a strong military are more in line with the Republican Party. It’s my responsibility to represent my constituents to the best of my ability and I believe this move will allow me to do just that. “

1 comment:

  1. The most important issues facing all Americans today is the right to free healthcare, free education, and workers right to make a living wage as well as the right for workers to make informed decisions with an elected worker serving on the board of corporations to protect against the shady business practices corporations and big banks deal in. The public has been divided and broken and if we don't unite on the real problems, we will continue to fall.

    We the public get the bill every time the government protects big business and banks by bailing them out when they fail. Meanwhile these people keep making a pension while the lower level employees get fired. The rich keep getting richer and we keep getting poorer. The quality of life for the average american is not increasing at the same rate the richest few. Tax the super wealthy 90% and they'd still make a billion a year from their business holdings. It would take an American worker 300 years to make the salary of his boss makes in 1 year and that's not fair. Allowing these giant corporations to play money games with our lives is gross and it should be changed.

    But its ok Jeff, you keep fightin' for them guns and traditional marriage, we'll be struggling with making ends meet so our kids can't go to college or the doctor, or so their parents can't make enough to make ends meet working one job.