Thursday, December 22, 2016

City of Warren 2017 Budget

As previously reported by, the Warren City Council adopted a budget for the city for 2017 during the December 12, 2016 monthly council meeting.  The budget included a 2% raise for all employees, except the aldermen.  The total budget for 2017 is set at $5,089,481.00.  It is subject to amendment should the city receive additional grants or determine changes are needed as a result of approved alterations in income and/or expenditures.  The city budget is a balanced budget in accordance to state law.

The following are the numbers as approved according to budgeted categories:
-Administration $269,700.00
-Law Enforcement $1,104,400.00
-Fire Department $236,900.00
-Sanitation ( solid waste ) $613,414.00
-Building Codes $44,600.00
-District Court $83,255.00
-Municipal Building $28,400.00
-Recreation $129,442.00
-Cultural Center $33,600.00
-Armory/Neighborhood Center $12,700.00
-Shooting Range $39,592.00
-Other $91,700.00
Total General Fund Budget=$2,687,703.00, This budget includes salaries, daily operations and new purchases.

Restricted Street Fund =$464,760.00, These funds can only be used for street and drainage needs.

Other Special Accounts=$1,937,018.00

The Mayor submitted a proposed budget as required by law.  It was considered by the City Council's Ways and Means Committee which finalized the budget and recommended it to the full city council.  The final budget was adopted by ordinance by a majority vote of the council.  In this case the vote for adoption was 6 in favor and zero against.  Income consist of all taxes fees and grants paid to the City of Warren.

The city budget year runs January 1 through December 31.

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