Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quorum Court Adopts 2017 Budget/Money Included For Land Purchase

The Bradley County Quorum Court meet in  regular session December 19, 2016.  Eight of the nine Justices were present.  After receiving the routine reports, the Court was informed by Judge Neely that a grant in the amount of $121,500.00 has been approved to match $121,500.00 from the county to purchase some 81 acres of land adjoining the county park west of Warren.  The county portion in the amount of $121,500.00 is included in 2017 county budget which was later adopted by the Quorum Court.

In other business there was discussion about the hiring of bailiffs to help with the Circuit Court operations.  According to the County Judge about $10,000.00 has been budgeted to pay the cost of hiring new bailiffs.  There was discussion concerning the legal ability of the county to file against the tax refunds of individuals who owe fines, fees or delinquent taxes.  According to Judge Neely, the county has the ability to pursue the monies owed without any action by the Quorum Court.  No vote on the matter was conducted.

Ordinance #707 was approved setting salaries for 2017.  All fulltime employees will be granted a 3% raise.  All elected officials will receive a 3% raise plus $1000.00.  Part time law enforcement deputies will also receive a 3% raise.  There are no increases for the Quorum Court members.  It was noted that the County Judge and Sheriff salaries were equalized.

In the final actions of the meeting, the Quorum Court adopted resolutions commending Judge Neely and Sheriff Anders for their service to Bradley County.  Both are set to retire as of January 1, 2017.

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